Leave Sir Fred the fuck alone

Sir Fred Goodwin – or Fred the Shred as he has so wittily been christened by certain sections of the media – has been in the news a lot lately and, quite frankly, it’s pissing me off a bit.

It’s not because he’s managed to trouser a £16 million pension pot with the aid, so it appears, of government approval or, rather, lack of awareness of what they were approving.

It’s not because he was undoubtedly responsible for fucking up one of the nation’s biggest banks.

It’s not even because he’s refused to give any of this rather large wedge back to the RBS or the taxpayer or Gordon Fucking Brown – whoever he’s supposed to give it back to.

No, it’s because everyone seems to have lost all sense of fucking proportion in reacting to his pension deal.

It’s a poxy £16 million, which is chump change compared to the billions upon billions that the government has poured into rescuing the ailing banking system of this country.

Oh, some people might say, but it’s so wrong for him to have so much when others have so little.

Well, the deal is supposedly legal and watertight with government approval so Goodwin’s quite within his rights to go tell anyone asking for any or some of it back to go piss up a rope.

Oh, and has he no shame?

OK, he might, in the view of some, be under some sort of moral obligation to give some or all of it back, but the last time I looked, morals  weren’t legally binding.

Shame tends to evaporate in the harsh glare of a crock of gold worth £16 million…

But there’s something else here – a note of envy and a sense that we’ve all been had.

Well, here’s some fucking news – we’ve all been had for fucking years and if we hadn’t been conned and buggered about by so many people we’d all be a lot better off right fucking now…

How so?

Every day, we are subsidising people as morally bankrupt as Sir Fred – but people who have no legal defence whatsoever for ripping off the majority of the great British public.

Shoplifters – these people (including some shop staff) are responsible for retail ‘shrinkage’ of over £4 billion pounds per annum. That’s £4 billion that retailers make up by marking up prices to minimise the effects on their profits.

We are subsidising shop theft and fraud on a grand scale.

Benefit fraud and errors cost us over £3 billion a year – not all of it due to people sponging off the State illegally admittedly but still an amount of money that dwarfs Goodwin’s pension arrangements.

The cost of policing crime – no crime, no police costs.

I have no readily available figure, but it must run into billions in police wages alone.

So, for years and years we’ve been subsidising the dishonest who have clearly broken laws that have cost us of billions upon billions of our shrinking British pounds to investigate, pursue and bring to trial.

Insurance – insurance companies pay out for cases of theft, but we pay increased premiums to cover this.

Dodgy businessmen who provide substandard products and services – and sometimes no products and services – after being paid by customers and who can then dissolve their business with no legal redress and then open up the same business with a different name and start all over again.

And it’s all perfectly ‘legal’ – with little protection for the consumer by the government.

Add to that the waste and reckless expenditure by incompetent civil servants approved by incompetent ministers – computer systems that don’t work, sales of gold at its lowest price and an unwieldy and inefficient system of implementing the laws and reguilations that should be actually saving us money – and we have a total amount of billions and billions that makes Goodwin’s pension pot look like a quick piss in the ocean.

Claw back Goodwin’s pissant £16 million and where the fuck is that going to go? What’s it going to be used for? It sure isn’t going to be spreading the wealth is it? It works out at about 25p per person.

However, clamp down on public dishonesty and government waste and inefficiency and you’re talking useful sums of money that would benefit people in a significant way and inject real money into the economy.

And what to do with Goodwin?

Just leave the fucker alone – he’s just one of many who’ve managed to prosper at the expense of other people and who’ve fucked up the system they were trusted to run.

I would imagine that he’s pretty much unemployable and he will continue to be a cunt, but a cunt that we could waste precious energy pursuing.

What about the many thousands of shonky, workshy, cheating, robbing, conning cunts that live amongst us?

They’re a far worse threat to our individual prosperity.

Let’s start raking back money from them – or at least stop spending money on them.

7 Responses

  1. Lets see government ministers, starting with Gordon Brown, lead by example. If we are to ensure that there is “no reward for failure”, then Sir Fred’s contribution pales into insignificance when compared to that of Gordon Brown and his pathetic government.

  2. Never underestimate the part of the general public in the whole stew of economic and social failure. No-one twisted anybody’s arm to get them to take out more credit than they could realistically pay back or to make them behave in ways that cost the honest majority money.
    It’s time *everybody* took their own responsibilities seriously – not just politicians and business leaders.

  3. I can’t argue with that. However, the fact remains that the government were the defacto policeman, therefore they could have raised interest rates, put borrowing limits in place, this was done in the 80’s or reigned in the banks. It was their responsibility to police the whole thing. Not being one of those that borrowed or mortgaged during this period, my statement is not about self-pity, it IS about responsibility, personal and government. I am just a little tired of ministers pointing the fingers at everyone, with their holier than thou attitude, yet failing to admit their share.

  4. Well, I can’t argue with that either!
    In my opinion, the pivotal point in all of this was when Labour came into power in 1997 and Brown told the Bank of England that it could operate independently with regard to monetary policy.
    Why it was thought necessary to change its status when its job was still to support the Government’s monetary policies I really don’t understand.

  5. You stupid unamagative(sic) moron, what a wonderful response. There have been precendents, French, Russian revolutions etc you defend this twat by saying he is no worse than a benefit cheat, that is like arguing that someone who kills a jewish person is responsible for the holocaust.of course the government is responsible, but trust me sir Fred the shred will need protection!

  6. You stupid unamagative(sic) moron,

    Interesting…did you really mean ‘unamagative’ – hence the(sic)- or did you really mean that I was ‘unimaginative’?

    I’m afraid that the word ‘unamagative’ doesn’t exist in any dictionaries in my possession and nor could I find it in any on line.

    I can only assume that you can’t spell.

    what a wonderful response.

    It was a considered entry about a difficult problem – unlike your kneejerk reaction.

    There have been precendents, French, Russian revolutions etc

    Ah…there’s that strange dictionary you seem to like consulting. I think you’ll find it’s ‘precedents’.

    And ‘precedents’ for what?

    What was so great about those revolutions?

    Both were responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of totally innocent people who didn’t fit into the categories decided on by the revolutionaries.

    Read up on the subject and you may not be so keen on the whole concept of revolution.

    you defend this twat

    If you’d read my blog entry properly you would have found that nowhere do I defend him.

    by saying he is no worse than a benefit cheat,

    Neither did I say that.

    What I was saying was that in terms of how much money he is costing us, it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what it’s costing us to support benefit cheats, criminals and others who seem to have no regard for the extra costs that we have to bear on their account.

    If you drive a car then your premiums reflect the cost to he insurers of people driving with no insurance.

    Moreover, like it or not, Goodwin broke no laws getting his pension.

    Yes, it’s obscenely wrong that he gets this vast pension but for christ’s sake, let’s get it into proportion.

    that is like arguing that someone who kills a jewish person is responsible for the holocaust.

    Now you’re really getting hysterical and I fail to see what point you’re trying to make.

    of course the government is responsible,

    And the public who enjoyed the economic boom.

    And the other officials at RBS who put his pension package together.

    but trust me sir Fred the shred will need protection!

    Oh, that’s really mature.

    Violence is your solution?

    I think I’d better go now before I stoop to calling YOU names.

  7. How weird – I’ve never seen anyone put “sic” by their own misspelling before. I suspect he doesn’t actually know what it means.

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