J***** S****

“Don’t arrest anyone now, just let them take your photo.

Then you can arrest them.”

Our government sure likes making and passing laws, doesn’t it?

I didn’t know – and I’m sure plenty of other people didn’t  – that as from last Monday it is now against the law to take photographs of police officers and other certain other public servants in a public place

“likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism”.

No-one likes this law – journalists don’t and the police don’t and I suspect that the only person who does is the person behind it, who just happens to be…

…yes, you’ve guessed it…

Jacqui Smith!

What is it with this shonky bunch of inept twats that laughably calls itself a government?

They come out with stupid laws after either no consultation at all or consultation that they’ve decided to ignore and then get on everyone’s tits with yet one more thing you can’t do for no good reason that anyone’s ever bothered to explain to you.


(The alternative caption for that photo at the top was going to be ‘Can I stroke your truncheon, big boy?’ but I thought that was a tad vulgar…)

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