Piers Moron

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any shittier on TV, Piers Morgan seems to be getting a higher profile in mainstream viewing.

It appears he has a new series on ITV1 in which he interviews a guest each week.

Program 1 promises Sharon Osborne.

Oh joy.

So, it’s interview programs now, after all that X-factor/Pop Idol (whatever the blistering fuck he was on – I don’t watch that crap) dogwank.

Next thing we know, he’ll be on Newsnight…

It beats me how a failed Fleet Street editor has got so much work – especially an odious, oleagenous little onanist like Morgan.

What does he actually do except make smartass remarks only he thinks are funny and look like a smug twat?

And who are the clueless shitheads who keep getting him on our TV screens?

Let’s hope Big Jezza lamps him again – fucking soon.


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