Blocked in

One of the problems I have with blogging is that I feel duty-bound to blog regularly.

Sometimes I read, hear or see something and I just feel compelled to blog about it but sometimes I’m like I am now – swamped by a veritable avalanche of ideas.

Should I write about Jade Goody? Reviled for most of her career and now facing death from invasive cancer within the year.

Or the 13 year old father? Oh yes, the Mail had a field day with that one.

What about the possibility of Lloyds being nationalised?

Then there’s the deportation of the Dutch MP…

All of these are interesting stories that bear analysis and beg comment but I can’t get excited about them enough to blog them and I’m sure many other bloggers have covered them already.

In fact, I’m going to pass on all the above and go for something that’s pissing me off personally right now.

Sometime during the night, our next door neighbour parked his car (the Seat) so badly that I can’t get my car between his and the Audi parked opposite him.


It must be at least 3 feet out from the kerb and there’s no way my Fiesta is going to get through.

Reversing is not an option because the road is a cul-de-sac…

No biggie, you might say.

I could go round and knock and ask them to park a bit closer in to the side of the road, but why the fuck should I?

Or rather why the fuck should I have to?

Surely, when they got out of the car after they’d ‘parked’ it they must have realised that it was a fuck of a long way to get to the pavement?

Perhaps they didn’t want to get the front wheels on the compacted snow – but then again they could have cleared the stuff as I and many other people in the street did. Five minutes with a fucking shovel and it’s sorted.

OK, it may only be a minor annoyance, but there are so many of them involving people who can’t think any further than their immediate actions with no thought of their consequences and impact on the lives of other people.

‘I want to do this’…and then the brain turns to what they want to do next.

It’s not intentionally thoughtless – they’re not doing it out of spite – but it’s really fucking annoying.

Besides, with a little more thought, someone like that can actually make their lives easier, too.

Say I had to go out suddenly during the night or this morning because of something important or a real emergency?

Would they really want me knocking on their door at 3am on a Saturday morning?

I’d guess they wouldn’t.

In the end, it all comes down to quality of life.

If people just took a little time to consider that what they do has some effect on other people around them – and vice-versa – then the world would become a much better place without having to legislate or regulate any more than we do at the moment.

It isn’t about being virtuous or self-righteous; it’s about simple, common courtesy and sometimes there’s just too fucking little of it.

It’s worth adding that my wife thinks I’m going a bit OTT with this…

Who’s right?

Should we tolerateĀ  behaviour like this or speak out about it?

Comments, please!

UPDATE: It’s now 11.50am and I’ve just knocked to get them to move their car as I want to go out and get a new kettle.

There’s no-one in!



Neighbours home so they moved their car at about 12.30pm.

In the intervening wait I found this.

And I thought I was pissed off…


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