Seized by technolust – which built up over the last week as cabin fever took a grip of me – I finally got the car out of the street for the first time in nearly a week, drove to the city centre and got an iPhone.

It’s one sexy bit of kit.

I thought the iPod Classic was pretty stunning, but the iPhone is so sleek and even more minimalistic in comparison.

Those Apple blokes sure know how to design stuff!


3 Responses

  1. Nice! I tried SO hard to convince myself I could have one last month, but on top of Shirleys phone i’d have been shelling out 70 quid a month in phone tariffs.

    Ah well….

  2. I don’t quite know how I got away with it…
    It really is the hound’s hangers, though.
    Possibly the ultimate gadget.

  3. I can now twitter, chat and blog with it – haven’t got the wi-fi sorted yet though. I suspect I’m not configuring the iPhone properly.
    Wi-fi not crucial with O2 web bolt-on though.

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