So, was Clarkson right?

I’ve just realised in my haste to put the Daily Mail and others on the naughty step that I omitted to address the main matter at the heart of this row.

Is Gordon Brown – our beloved PM and protector of bank chiefs’ bonuses – actually a ‘one-eyed Scottish idiot‘ as Jeremy Clarkson has stated?

Let’s address each appellation in turn…


From Wikipedia, but verifiable elsewhere:

He was accepted by the University of Edinburgh to study history at the age of only 16. He suffered a retinal detachment after being kicked in the head during an end-of-term rugby union match at his old school. He was left blind in his left eye, despite treatment including several operations and lying in a darkened room for weeks at a time. Later at Edinburgh, while playing tennis, he noticed the same symptoms in his right eye. Brown underwent experimental surgery at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and his eye was saved.

So, yes, he’s only got one eye.


A real no-brainer but in the interests of supporting Clarkson’s description here’s what Wikipedia says:

Gordon Brown was born in Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. His father was John Ebenezer Brown (1914–1998), a minister of the Church of Scotland and a strong influence on Gordon. His mother Jessie Elizabeth Souter, known as Bunty, died in 2004 aged 86. She was the daughter of John Souter, a timber merchant. Gordon was brought up with his brothers John and Andrew Brown in a manse in Kirkcaldy — the largest town in Fife, Scotland across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh. In common with many other notable Scots, he is therefore often referred to as a “son of the manse”.

That’s undeniable proof, I’d say.


More difficult as it implies some level of judgement, but if I were to cite one example of true idiocy committed by Brown then I’d say that that was pretty evidential.

Again from Wikipedia:

Gold sales: Between 1999 and 2002 Brown sold 60% of the UK’s gold reserves at $275 an ounce. It was later attacked as a “disastrous foray into international asset management” as he had sold at close to a 20-year low. He pressured the IMF to do the same, but it resisted. The gold sales have earned him the pejorative nickname ‘Golden Brown’, after the song by The Stranglers.

If anyone else in the private sector had done this then they’d have been thrown out on their arse, but Brown managed to get away with what was an act of rampant idiocy.

So, let’s see…




Seems OK to me…


The photo at the top of this entry may show a two-eyed Gordon Brown…


4 Responses

  1. The greatest thing I heard post Clarkson comment, was from Sky News. One man said “It’s unfair to equate incompetence with blindness”.
    Someone else replied “It is however, perfectly fair to equate stupidity to the Scottish.”

  2. One day soon it will be too risky to criticise anyone.

  3. This is al very ‘The boy who cried wolf’ as with each trivial apology demanded from so called celebrities, the impact of the ‘apology’ is reduced.
    Who’s going to be the first to stand by what they have said?

  4. Well, Clarkson has amended his apology, saying that he takes back Scottish and one-eyed but not idiot.
    In fact the original statement he made about Brown was carefully worded – JC said he was sorry for remarks made about Brown’s appearance.
    So, I guess we could say that Clarkson is standing by what he said. The main thrust of it, at least.

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