Putin on the Ritz

Every now and then a news story comes along that gets me reaching for the calendar to check if it’s April Fools Day and I haven’t realised the fact.

Here’s one such story.

Putin denies dancing to Abba hits

Bjorn Again’s manager Rod Stephen and other band members said Mr Putin danced to Abba hits and shouted “Bravo!”

The PM’s spokesman denied the claim. Mr Putin – a former KGB spy who has a black belt in judo – is known in Russia and the West for his macho image.

Here’s Vlad being macho:

(He obviously goes to Simon Cowell’s tailor.)

Now, I have nothing against gay people whatsoever, so I really don’t give a rat’s if Putin is gay, but that pose definitely looks gay to me.

Maybe it’s the difference between the Russian and British mindsets.

Maybe a Russian will look at that and think – my, there’s a macho chap…

But I look at it and think – how gay is that?

Whatever, in the interests of even-handedness and after having panned our own Glorious Leader, I feel bound to say that Putin scares the crap out of me.

If ever there was a ruthless arsehole the free world should be wary of, it’s Putin.

Get on his tits – and what fine, masculine tits they are, Vlad baby – and you’ll be puking up radiocative shit all over London.

So, whilst he might look gay, he’s quite capable of pissing on everyone’s French fries…


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