IRC foolishness

From IRC just now:

<LoFi> lol. SOmeone just sneezed so hard a statue of a horses head fell off a shelf and broke.
[mudshark] a bust bust then?
<LoFi> Heh.
<LoFi> Scared the shit out of me – it fell onto the empty desk next to me.
* mudshark fails to appreciate the decorative qualities of a horsehead statue
[mudshark] the act of breakage may have been a good thing
<LoFi> Oh, it’s hideous – I think they said it was a present from an offshore team.
<chris> heh
<chris> is the offshore team offshore in sicily perchance?
<LoFi> lol. No.
[mudshark] LOL
[mudshark] did the recipient find it in his bed?

And here’s more from a little later:

<chris> Did you see that chap whose planning to starve himself and blog his progress?
<caitlin> that’s a stupid idea
<[5×5]> no? is he some sort of twat or something?
<chris> Thats the sort of bar you need to hit
<[5×5]> twatblog
<chris> these days
<[5×5]> does he fancy himself as a hard-hitting, documentary-style expose sort of guy, like the supersize me guy?
<chris> Quite so
<[5×5]> “WOW! did you know, if you stop eating, you get THINNER?”
<[5×5]> “Look at this bear! it’s shitting in the WOODS!”


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