Trucking snow again…


As is their wont, I was woken up by the cats at 5.45 this morning.

When I let them out I discovered that we had a lot of snow last night – in fact. it’s still snowing…

I’d say we have at least 5 inches at the moment – 7.45 am.

As we have our grandson staying with us, we put the radio on to listen out for school closure news and, sure enough, his is closed.

Whilst I was listening out for the school closures bulletin, traffic news was coming in thick and fast and one phrase kept getting repeated over and over again – ‘jackknifed lorry ‘.

Jackknifing occurs most often with empty trailers when the lorry suddenly brakes and the lighter trailer swings around, taking the cab unit with it – often in a 180° turn. If this happens so that the whole rig ends up across the road then a blockage is caused. Not only does this obstruct the traffic behind it, and sometimes coming towards it, at times like this it will block access for snowploughs and gritting vehicles.

The obvious cause of so much jackknifing this morning is the atrocious weather conditions, but other causes include driver error, which prompts me to ask how many of the jackknifings this morning could be the result of poor driving?

Now, before I get irate truckers demanding my bollocks get clamped in a vice. I’m just asking!

Another question…

If we want to get snowploughs and gritters out on the main roads to ensure that the main arteries stay open, is there not a case for restricting the movement of HGVs until this is done?

Lorries and other large vehicles could park up from midnight till 6am and then restart their journeys on cleared roads.

Yes, time is lost, but surely it’s better to stop for a while but then be confident you’ll make good time once you start driving again? In fact, banning all vehicles from non-essential journeys whilst roads are cleared seems to have merit too.

What do you reckon?


2 Responses

  1. What I want to know is, how do snowplough drivers get to work?

  2. LOL – Worthy of Steven Wright!
    So, what was the best thing before sliced bread?

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