Oh Carol

The Carol Thatcher ‘golliwog’ incident continues to dominate phone ins, comment columns and other public areas of debate and seems to have polarised public opinion.

Unnecessarily, I’d say.

Whatever the rights and wrongs that people cite when speaking up for or against her, this is 21st century Britain and such terms are deemed offensive and racist.

What she did was just stupid.

Yes, it was said off air in the Green Room, but that’s no different from a teacher, say, using the term in the staffroom after school.

I’d imagine that teacher would be censured in some way following some sort of official disciplinary procedure.

It’s really no excuse to argue that she said it in conversation, in jest or amongst her peers – the reality of the situation lies rooted in the fact that such terms are no longer acceptable.

It’s a fact of life – so use them at your peril.

If you do use them – especially if you are in the public eye or you have some sort of celebrity status – then any consequences are your own fault entirely.

To sum up, a stupid person said a stupid thing she knew could cause offence and suffered the consequences.

End of.

Now, let’s move on…


4 Responses

  1. Get a life you pompous twat!!
    Adrian Chiles is nothing short of an old East Germany Stasi Snitch.
    He needs to get his own life in order first before snitching on a colleague…what a hypochrite….If it outrages you so much Chiles do us all a favour, and clear off…it’s sad people like you that give the PC Brigade further ammunition to take us farther into a total Police state with their “Big Brother” views…SHAME ON YOU CHILES…..Hope you are pleased with yourself, you snitching oaf!!!

  2. Nowhere have I sided with the PC brigade, but I’m aware they’re out there – shame Carol Thatcher wasn’t aware of this..
    I don’t know what planet you inhabit but here on Planet Earth, whether you disagree with it or not, certain use of language is now deemed unacceptable and can attract certain penalties, so you use them with a certain amount of risk.
    To deny that fact is as ridiculous as standing up in court after being nicked for doing 40 in a 30 zone and saying you don’t agree with it. It may be that the limit was badly applied, but that’s no excuse.
    I really don’t appreciate you coming on here and calling me names. However, I’ll let the remarks stay – mainly so people can see what a twat you are.
    As for calling Chiles ‘nothing short of an old East Germany Stasi Snitch’ – are you quite sure you took your meds today?
    I bet you read the Daily Mail…

  3. So, Adrian Chiles is *nothing* short of an old East Germany Stasi snitch, eh? Puts 20th century history into perspective, dunnit? I thought “Lives of Others” painted a pretty hellish picture of life in the DDR, but maybe it was all exaggerated… it was just a matter of people going to the Stasi and saying “please sir, he said a swear”.

    Oh, and why does Chiles need to “get his own life in order first”? He seems to have his life pretty well in order from what I can tell. Or maybe the Daily Mail have been outraged because he didn’t sit sufficiently upright when invoking the name of a minor royal, or something.

    Oh, and before accusing someone of being a pompous twat, maybe you should check your own comments for lines like “people like you that give the PC Brigade further ammunition to take us farther into a total Police state”. 😀

  4. Interesting to note that the Tory MP Philip Davies has spoken out in support of Carol Thatcher.
    Almost the same name as the rabid gent in the first comment.
    Could it be…?
    Even a Tory MP couldn’t be quite that deluded.
    Or spell his own name wrongly.

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