No tomorrow for ‘Yesterday’s Men’

Interesting…demonstrations and other acts of civil and industrial unrest in Russia, Greece, the Republic of Ireland, France and now the UK.

We have wildcat strikes here.

But it’s OK, Gordon has spoken:

Speaking from the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Mr Brown said instead of spontaneous strike action, “what we’ve got to do over time, as I’ve always said, is that where there are jobs in this country, we need people with the skills, developed in this country”.

Tackled about his 2007 Labour conference pledge to create “British jobs for British workers” – a slogan used by the striking refinery workers – Mr Brown said: “Well, we are part of a single European market but I have always understood the worries that people have.

“They look round and say, well, why can’t we do these jobs, jobs ourselves, these are jobs that we can do.

“When, when I talked about British jobs, I was taking about giving people in Britain the skills, so that they have the ability to get jobs which were at present going to people from abroad.”

Mr Brown added: “You’ll find that no government in history is doing more to try and find ways that we can help people who are unemployed back in to work as quickly as possible.”

What’s he actually said though?

Ah…he wasn’t talking about jobs for British workers, he was talking about skills all along.

Now, given that we already have an alarmingly high rate of adult illiteracy in this country – something that has its causes rooted in past decades of  tinkering about with our education system – how he can think that his words can be of any comfort is beyond me.

He wants to get people back to work as soon as possible…with these new skills that they don’t have yet?…into what sort of employment?…where’s the money coming from to keep the businesses going that are going to employ these people?

Maybe there are no words of comfort that Brown can inspire us with because maybe we really are screwed this time, but he doesn’t have to insult people’s intelligence.

I have to confess to not having a great deal of faith in the nation’s intelligence on the whole – the success of Big Brother and the X-Factor is evidence enough for me – but you don’t have to be an Einstein to look at the nature of our economy, the unregulated augmentation of our population and the swift and dire effects of unemployment on the lives of ordinary people to realise that talk of creating jobs for people is just that…talk…

New skills take time to learn and they don’t pay the mortgage or fill the shopping trolley at Tesco.

Looking at the list of countries which are experiencing unrest, it’s just struck me that a) their leaders seem to look more like yesterday’s men with every passing day and b) the US is conspicuous by its absence.

Could it be that there’s an ‘Obama factor’ at work here?

Perhaps Europe needs new blood before we can rise to the daunting challenge of reconstructing economic stability here.

Shame the blood bank’s gone bust though…

2 Responses

  1. The bottom line is Gordon Brown really is yesterdays man and unfortunatley, he remains very much in the past. We need new blood, unfortunately, it is difficult to see what the alternatives are. The Conservatives still appear wet behind the ears and short of any new ideas. In fact, they seem to be offering the same, but just less, with more taxes to pay. The LibDems have an excellent spokesman in Vicne Cable, but one man does not maketh the party. It is difficult to see where we go next.

  2. Agreed, there are no real alternatives and none in the pipeline.

    It seems to me that everything is always just doing enough and not going the extra mile to put things firmly into the right court. More over we seem to be making little effort with the UK banks.

    I understand there is no manual for this but honestly? what do they get paid to do?

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