You know, maybe it isn’t ‘Born With a Smile on my Face’ that’s been playing on my mental jukebox on heavy rotation, but something else…

Here’s a YouTube video using the Sykes song as background music:

Now, after you’ve listened to the first verse, listen to this:

So…maybe it’s the Turtles I heard and not Ms de Sykes.

Suddenly I feel a little better about the whole thing.

By the way, who is this guy Clay Aiken in the first video?

He looks a bit like a cross between Thom Yorke and a famous lesbian whose name escapes me.

6 Responses

  1. This “famous lesbian” of whom you speak .. k.d. Lang?? (Otherwise known as Elvis with tits)?

  2. That wasn’t who I was thinking of, but I agree he does have a touch of ms lowercase lang about him.

    Didn’t the real Elvis have tits?

  3. Aha – maybe a certain Ms DeGeneres, aka “Ellen”?

  4. Yes, Ross!
    That’s it!
    What I want to know is how Thom Yorke managed to impregnate her.

  5. Well, she is a comedian…

  6. Yes, but not a magician…

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