Scoop! Ice found on Rover!

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the Daily Mail – you have to laugh otherwise you’d make a crate of petrol bombs, stick it in the car boot, drive euphorically down to London and firebomb their offices…

Not only do they see themselves as some sort of crusader for the narrow-minded, bigoted and ignorant, but now they’re writing about stuff like this.

How Jack Frost decorated my Rover… The amazing ice graffiti found after a freezing cold night

It’s the Rover bit I like in particular…it had to be a Rover, didn’t it?

‘I couldn’t believe what I saw,’ said Mr Baker, 76, who had intended to defrost his wife’s Rover 45, in Folkestone, Kent. ‘I called to my wife Julie to have a look.’

The pattern was one bit of graffiti he didn’t mind seeing. ‘Usually I would have defrosted the vehicle fairly quickly but the ice formations were stunning,’ he said.

‘They didn’t last long – they were gone as soon as the sun came out.’

Ah…ice tends to do that, Mr Baker.

Or haven’t you noticed it before because you were too busy worrying about falling house prices or Jonathan Ross saying ‘fuck’ on the radio – as featured in your Daily Mail?

Don’t get me wrong, ice patterns are wonderful things and I value the sense of wonder that such natural but beautiful phenomena can arouse in people.

However, I also value tolerance, freedom of speech and balance – similarly beautiful things that the Mail seems to delight in trying to stamp out.


One Response

  1. Hahaha, quality. another non-story to make all the Mail readers think it’s a fluffy kitten paper. I bet a fair bit the next page was about lefty paedos raping the Queen.

    while I’m here, as I’m sure you’ll know, we have a new site BoatangDemetriou.Com if you wouldn’t mind updating the old roll.


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