Another right cnut

I’m not 100% convinced that 10% of the population is dyslexic – I can see how factors other than such a condition might have some influence on how people perceive language.

Similarly, I’m not totally convinced that all children diagnosed as having ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – actually have this condition and I can’t help but think that of the 10% of children believed to be suffering from it a fair few must simply be badly-behaved.

(Allow me to digress a while as I ponder ‘10%’…I’ve heard it said that 10% of the population is gay. So we have 10% gay, 10% suffering from ADHD and 10% dyslexic. I’m not suggesting that it’s the same 10% although it’s tempting to imagine having a gay girlfriend who can’t fucking keep still and whose txtspeak you understand even less than that normally used. It’s a shame that Tourette’s Syndrome is less common because her txtspeak could then have been full of ‘fuks’ and ‘cnts’ but it only affects a maximum of 1% of the population…Hey, maybe 10% is a ball park figure that people pluck out of the air when they haven’t got a fucking clue. Anyway, back to ‘reality’)

However, although the backbench MP Graham Stringer is entitled to his opinion that Dyslexia is a ‘cruel fiction’ he really ought to have done his homework before he opened his mouth.

He sees what is termed Dyslexia as simply the result of poor teaching and advocates the use of ‘synthetic phonics’ rather than ‘analytical phonics’.

Now, I don’t know which planet Springer has been living on for the past decade or so, but it certainly hasn’t been Planet fucking Earth…

Sure, educational practices change over the years, but when I first started to read – over 50 years ago – it was with the help of synthetic phonics.

When I taught reading as a teacher 20 years ago, it was with synthetic phonics.

Granted for the ten years preceding 2007 the analytical phonics approach was heavily promoted by the DfES and has now been abandoned and synthetic phonics put in place as the preferred method once again, but if Stringer wants to appear credible then shouldn’t he have known this?

He goes on about synthetic phonics being the ‘magic bullet’ as if he’s discovered some big secret, whereas the truth is they’ve been used for the past 50 years or so both on their own and in tandem with analytical phonics and the ‘look and say’ approach. Indeed, it is widely accepted that some sort of combination approach may be the best way of teaching reading and writing.

The existence of Dyslexia or otherwise aside, all Stringer has done is atagonise the very people whom we need on side to improve literacy standards – teachers and other educationalists – and made himself look (and there really is no other way to put this) a right cunt.

This guy should abandon politics and write for the Daily fucking Mail.

He has all the right qualifications and credentials – he makes sweeping assertions and generalisations, he’s not done his research properly and he talks out of his rectum.

He’d fit in very nicely, stuck up Dacre’s arse like a haemorrhoid.


2 Responses

  1. LOL. love the pic.

    the whole notion of dyslexia sounds like a strange concept. I mean the eyes see the letters fine (no eyesight issues) so why would letters be scrambled in the process of deciphering? I’ve never really heard a valid organic explanation for such a process.

    so I agree with you. It sounds more like a poorly trained habit; not recognising patterns correctly due to mental strain.

  2. 1. Specs with pink shades helps.
    2. We can’t take away the dyslexia scenario cos the 10% at my uni who claim it et al wouldn’t be able to pass water, never mind an exam, without those extra special needs allowances, and then we would have to lower the pass rate even more, we’ll be in the minuses soon..

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