My head still hurts

OK…tomorrow the government will announce that it will make loans to small and medium businesses…


…isn’t that the banks’ job?

And haven’t the banks recently been loaned lots of our money so that they can make credit to individuals and businesses more freely available?

So, isn’t this just one more monumental fuck up in a depressingly long series of monumental fuck ups?

Fucked if I know…nothing makes sense anymore.

Ah…all is now clear…

The government isn’t lending businesses money, it’s guaranteeing the loans for the banks.

Hang on…they’re guaranteeing loans of our money on top of what they’ve already loaned to the banks…

The banks meanwhile are already sitting on billions of quids that we loaned to them to loan to businesses…

Nah – still doesn’t make sense…

The above was written over a couple of days and I’ve tried to find a clear explanation of why we’re lending the banks money to help businesses fucking TWICE!

I’m still no wiser.


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