Going Ape Shit

Well, I’m back from France – refreshed, chilled-out and with lots of nice memories of a very enjoyable break, of which more in future posts.

For now – a minor rant which is aimed at a new target for me – Five TV.

They have a program called ‘Monkey Time’.

Now, granted it’s filmed here – a place in Dorset called ‘Monkey World’ – but to call the program ‘Monkey Time’ when it’s all about rescue apes seems to just reinforce the common misconception that anything hairy and non-human but vaguely human-shaped is a monkey. It’s not always – it could be an ape.

I’ve guffawed long and loud at the ‘Monkey News’ parts of the Ricky Gervaise podcasts in which Karl Pilkington always talks about a chimpanzee doing something incredible like holding up a bank but that was for (great) comic effect.

However, to screen a serious program perpetuating this misconception just seems wrong to me.

It’s not that far short of calling a program ‘All About Great Big Fuck-off Fish’ and then filling it with footage of whales…


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