Gordy Brown goes down*

You’ve got to hand it to Gordon Brown…he’s been coming out with some very original and creative statements of late.

Here’s a particularly nice one which he dropped on MPs in the Commons today.

People can be proud that Iraq is a far better place than it was five years ago

Let’s see…five years ago…why…that’s 2003, but I wonder when in 2003 he means?

Are we talking February, March or April in particular?

  • February 2003 – Saddam was still in power and the Iraqi people had some rule of law, habitable housing, running mains water, electricity, food in the shops, schools, hospitals and other public services and basic stuff like that. OK, life wasn’t perfect but it was tolerable.
  • March 2003 – the Coalition started to bomb seven shades of a particularly nasty sort of shit out of the country using, amongst other things, shells containing depleted uranium.
  • April 2003 – Baghdad fell, Saddam was deposed and the Iraqi people started getting all nostalgic for February and many of them still feel that way five years later having to live in a country whose infrastructure has not been reconstructed.

Now, I’m honestly not saying that life under Saddam was great, but at least the Iraqi people had the basics in place – the same basics that we expect and take for granted and that we’d really get pissed off about if they suddenly weren’t there.

It’s a terrible thing not being free, but not being destitute, hungry and thirsty can really make up for it and anyone who’d rather be free and starve is kidding themselves.

I’m not going to discuss the rights and wrongs concerning our entry into the 2003 Invasion of Iraq here – it’s a done deal and something that the Iraqi people and the Coalition nations have to deal with – but to come out with a statement like People can be proud that Iraq is a far better place than it was five years ago just shows how little our glorious leader is in touch with reality and how he continually fails to gauge the mood and opinions of the people he comes into contact with.

I’m not proud of what we’ve done to Iraq and no-one whose opinion I value is, either.

However, in a massive stroke of irony Gordon’s kind of right, you know.

Yes, Iraq’s a far better place than it was five years ago, but only compared to March of 2003 when the bombs fell…

*With apologies to Frank Zappa.


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