Winter Vomiting Bug? It’s the Daily Mail that makes me sick!

Such a shame…the Daily Mail was doing so well today with its accurate reporting of the latest house price falls story – see my posts on this a little further down the page.

But then this:

Hospital wards closed as outbreaks of flu and deadly winter vomiting bug sweep Britain

The story goes on to say:

Last year more than three million people were struck down by the bug, which can prove deadly to children, the elderly and the infirm.

Well, I’m no doctor, but having had young children myself and having to look after my late father who was very ill and in his eighties I know that almost any disease can kill if you’re already weak or compromised by another condition – particularly one that attacks the immune system.

Anyway, we’re obviously in for another rash – geddit? – of health scare stories.

Think back to SARS and bird flu

It was all going to go postal, tits up, pear-shaped, to ratshit as the human race was reduced to a mere handful of survivors scratching out a meagre living amongst the ruins of a once efficient and civilised infrastructure.

But it never happened.

Just like people aren’t going to die in any number from this winter vomiting bug and if they do die then they almost certainly started off with something else or they didn’t get treated properly.

All it is is a good headline – if you like alarmist, deliberately fact-free reporting.

Quite honestly, we’re at more risk from diseases on the increase because of the decreased take up of vaccinations – particularly the MMR jab.

Measels can kill, rubella can cause miscarriage and mumps can render you sterileĀ  – none of which appeals.

Other complications are available…which still don’t appeal.

Of course, I’m aware of the autism ‘link’ but that isn’t a cast-iron proven fact as far as I’m aware and the evidence for the MMR jab saving lives is far more convincing and empirically proven than the link between the jab and autism.

Why does the Mail think we need to be scared any more than we have a perfect right to be already?

The world has some nasty shit going on in it at the moment – wars, terrorism, oppression of every sort, economic decline, Strictly Come Dancing, etc, etc – so why drag out yet another painted devil to scare us with when there are enough real ones around?

I have no answer.


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