Some days you just can’t win

Edward Stourton – co-host of BBC Radio 4’s excellent ‘Today’ programme – has been sacked.

He first heard about the decision from a fellow journalist – the news was leaked well before the BBC would have preferred – and he has apparently lost the job due to his unwillingness to indulge in idle banter with his colleagues during the programme.

I’m assuming they’re referring to the sort of banter you hear on Radio 2 in the Steve Wright and Wogan shows.

I actually like both those shows but it’s not the same sort of radio show, is it?

It’s not a double entendre and factoid laden romp with your posse but a serious early morning news programme.

So, Jonathan Ross gets suspended for 12 weeks for saying ‘fuck’ but Stourton gets sacked for saying fuck all.

The BBC denies any accusations of ‘dumbing down’ but, in this instance at least, they’re almost certainly being lying bastards.


One Response

  1. That pissed me off. I like Stourton on the Today programme. He’s total old-school BBC, educated somewhere incredibly posh and blessed with yer proper BBC accent, and makes for a nice mix with John Humphrys (regional accent, probably a grammar school boy) and Evan Davis (edgy young talent, only gay in the village, etc).

    The worst thing (judging by the Observer’s article) is the way the BBC tried to cover it up, saying that he was leaving to devote his time to other BBC projects. When they asked Stourton, he knew nothing of these projects. I’m usually quick to defend the BBC, but they do cock things up pretty badly sometimes.

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