…I thought I might have inadvertently been like a bit Scrooge-like in my last post.

I had this sudden thought that the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ phone vote charges went to the charity ‘Children in Need’ so I was going to suggest here that people donate their quid to it directly if they got the chance, instead of voting. Then you’d not be using part of the money to pay for any administrative costs.

However, it now turns out that the BBC no longer does this:

Since January 2008, the BBC no longer gives money raised by phone votes to charity. The money raised by Strictly Come Dancing phone votes pays for running the phone vote system itself. No money goes to Children in Need. Rules were changed after last year’s phone votes scandals.

So, now even less excuse to vote for some prat with two left feet and a failing career –  in case you thought that you were also helping a worthy cause.

However, I suggest you still stick your quid in a charity tin this Christmas instead of subsidising the BBC even more.

What you’re doing with that pound is paying for their phone voting system – so why not spend it on something better instead?

Another nod to irony though – phone votes are still inciting ire in the Great Viewing Public after steps have been taken to avoid any further problems.

Incidentally, the BBC ‘Have Your Say‘ on this controversial judges decision is amusing at times.

it’s a disgrace. How can the BBC retrospectively decide what had already been agreed beforehand. Tom was simply not good enough on the evening. I would like my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karl, London

If you’re foolish enough to think that TV producers give a flying one about what viewers think, and choose to waste your money voting in these shows, then you deserve to lose it.
Alison, London

If you’re foolish enough to waste a pound on something that 1) doesn’t matter 2) will have no effect on anything what-so-ever and finally 3) doesn’t matter that you’re choice and your problem when shockingly you find out your £1 made no difference. Did you think your vote was going to change something or make things better or something?
UK Public you’ve become far far to easy to con – Learn your lesson for once!

BBC is increasingly being shown as having no moral compass. from the debacle with Ross and Brand to the growing contempt that is shown to viewers. Now the final is corrupted because the vote can no longer be on the performance on the night.
BBC – Big Bad Corrupt
Pete, Tamworth.

Spot the Daily Mail reader…

Oh, and Karl – your keyboard needs cleaning – you’re ! key seems to be sticking.

Must be all that frothing at the mouth you’re doing.


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