Is this racist?

This is an interesting case and one that has forced me again to examine my own feelings on the subject of the integration of ethnic minorities in this country.

In brief, a 33 year old NHS GP has been ordered to be given over to the custody of a Bangladesh court after being lured back there with a view to forced marriage. She was held captive for 4 months by her parents who don’t seem to think – from the report at least – to see anything too wrong with this.

It’s a difficult problem, given the fact that geographically Bangladesh is a long way from the UK and any British laws under which the doctor is protected become far less effective and harder to enforce once she’s out of the UK.

I just can’t help feeling that in a society which has promoted integration so heavily over the last two decades, in the rush to ensure that the beliefs and customs of immigrants are respected and tolerated, the existing laws and rights instituted by its indiginous people are somehow seen as of secondary importance by those charged with upholding them.

I really don’t give a rat’s what religious beliefs, customs, traditions and lifestyle anyone follows as long as no-one gets harmed in anyway – and that’s surely what the Law tries to ensure.

However, when someone arbitrarily decides that the law isn’t going to apply to them whether they live in this country or not, then the particular law that they have broken must be enforced wherever they are – and in the case of Bangladesh, there’s reasonable co-operation and liaison to achieve this.

Obviously, with confirmed and highly publicised incidents of forced marriages and honour killings amongst the Asian community here, a clear message has to be sent out – that if you want to live in this country then you have to abide by its laws or suffer the consequences of breaking them.

(This of course has to apply to every sovereign state, whether you agree with their laws or not.)

There should be no soft pedalling just because of someone’s ethnic origins – the Law has to be seen by all to be impartial to all.

No doubt some will interpret my point of view as racist.

I simply see it as a necessary respect for the laws of this country and essential for achieving increased racial harmony.


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