You know it’s Christmas when…

I don’t know about anyone else, but Christmas seems a little muted this year.

Maybe it’s Xmas fatigue finally kicking in after yet another year of seeing Christmas cards displayed next to the suntan lotion – which I strongly doubt – or maybe it’s the economic downturn or the credit crunch (I hate that fucking expression) as it’s known to the media – which seems more likely.

Whatever the reason, it’s still definitely Christmas.

No doubt in my mind whatsoever – even if none of the shops had so much as the smallest chocolate tree decoration, it’s Christmas.

As sure as shit.

What’s the big giveaway?


Yes, Gordon’s out in Afghanistan pressing squaddie flesh.

Yesterday – 12th December 2008 – two Marine commandos were killed there in Helmand province when a 13 year old boy pushing a wheelbarrow towards them blew himself up.

How the fuck can you fight stuff like that?

You can’t.

I say leave that useless fucktard Brown out there and bring the troops home.


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