The Mail does it again

The Daily Mail has once again demonstrated how low it can stoop with this story – if you can call this execrable pile of hackwork a story.

Who would lend their children to Russell Brand for the night? Comedian makes his first UK appearance since Sachsgate

FFS! What are they inferring?

That he can’t be trusted with children because Jonathon Ross said ‘fucked’ on Brand’s radio show?

Can’t be trusted?

Being picked by a famous actor to accompany him to the premiere of the latest Disney film is a treat most children would treasure.

But when that actor is Russell Brand perhaps some parents would have second thoughts.


I despair, I really do…

You stand less chance of getting a reasoned and balanced viewpoint in the Mail than you do of getting a blowjob in a nunnery.


3 Responses

  1. I’d say that’s getting close to full-on libel, with it’s nudge-nudge wink-wink veiled paedo hints.

  2. 5×5

    Except the usual rules of courtesy and decency and honesty don’t apply to the Mail.

    They hold everyone to unreachable standards of conduct, yet they in their sancitmonious chairs down there in Kensington think they can say and blurt whatever they like whenever they like.

    Because, you see, they are the ‘moral’ ‘middle class’ majority.

    I detest that fucking rag, I really do.

    Sorry, but it has to be said.

  3. John – hear, hear. It would make my century if Brand took them to court, won, and forced them to make a front page apology. I won’t hold my breath though, sadly.

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