Picked ‘n’ Mixed…

It looks like it’s the end of the line for Woolworths and my feelings are a bit mixed.

I’m not sad to see the shops themselves close, in spite of them being a high street name all my life, but I do feel for the 30 000 staff about to be made redundant just in time for Christmas.

That’s why I’m not going to be queuing up to see what’s in their closing down sale. I just can’t stomach the thought that the person I hand my money to might be seeing their last regular pay packet very soon.

I was made redundant myself several years ago and whilst I didn’t mind at the time, as I also got ill health retirement, I’d previously done some work for my union informing members about redundancy procedures so I know how upsetting even the prospect is.

Whilst the government can’t bail out every ailing business, it just seems that at a time when unemployment seems set to rise to a figure we thought we’d seen the last of, all these people – and there are bound to be many more – are set to join a very large queue already swollen with people that the government wants to see in work – people on disability and other benefits.

I’d just like to know where all the jobs are going to come from…


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  1. They’re still recruiting though woolies careers page

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