Elephants and epidemics

Why has this been buried amongst all the news today?

As much as I like elephants, why does the fact that they die sooner in captivity make  it as a ‘top story’ on the BBC News site and yet the announcement by Mugabe that the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe is over becomes relegated to the list below the headlines?

Now, five’ll get you ten that he’s lying through his fucking teeth, but isn’t an epidemic that threatens not just the people of Zimbabwe but some in neighbouring South Africa a tad more newsworthy?

The only reason he’s saying all this crap is that he wants to avoid an imaginary war and thus be seen as the saviour of his people.

Still, some good may come of it – maybe if South Africa is affected then its politicians might be a little more proactive in their denouncement of Mugabe.

I’m not saying we should do a ‘Saddam’ on Mugabe but why, when he is arguably worse than the late Iraqi leader, do the media and the politicians all hold back from trying to make his position as uncomfortable as possible?

PS – On the Jeremy Vine Show today (12th December, BBC Radio 2) it made me howl the way he insisted on saying that elephants ‘live less long’. Maybe ‘die sooner’ was considered offensive by the programme’s editor…

Incidentally, if you want to hear actual Daily Mail readers, tune into Vine’s phone in. He has a shitload of them ringing up…whinging bastards.


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