(2) It’s at times like these…

…that I feel ashamed to be British.

Regardless of whether I smoke – and I do – the current proposals to remove displays of tobacco products by 2011 just smack of a draconian lack of joined up thinking.

Yes, tobacco kills, but so does alcohol.

Unlike alcohol, however, excessive consumption of tobacco doesn’t make people violent and abusive.

Give me a smoker over an alcoholic anyday.

There’s an excellently reasoned blog post about the proposed display ban here.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the kind comments Steve!

    I’ll add your site to my blogroll.

    BTW…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cat!!!

    My cat does that too! (sit in the bathroom sink) lol

    take care

    John Demetriou

  2. Your site added to my blogroll too.
    The two cats are both Maine Coons – reknowned for their love of and fascination with water.
    Sit them down with a dripping tap and they’ll watch it for up to an hour.
    Of course, it may just be autism…

  3. Cool

    Mine is a Turkish Van. Supposed to like water, but just gets generally grumpy with things.

    And he won’t drink water from the bowl…only random things like water left in the shower, water in plant pots and other random places where water can be foraged.

    Gotta love cats though. Bless ’em

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