The internet is pointless and evil

I’m very easily amused, so when I want a chuckle I read the Daily Mail online.

This morning I was confronted with not one, not two, but THREE frontpage headlines about the social networking site Facebook.

The first one concerned a party for a rather naive 15 year old girl. The event was gatecrashed by 400 people, supposedly organised by the FRA – Facebook Republican Army – but this seems open to doubt and when you consider how the Mail tries to inject as much alarm into their stories I’m inclined to share that doubt.

It’s hardly a surprise that this happened, and hardly newsworthy. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again and, quite honestly, anyone who would allow their house to be used for a ‘teenage party’ really needs to get their head checked by a qualified professional.

The second story is really part of the first one, but I guess the Mail had to fill their webpage and their crappy rag with as much alarm and outrage as possible so we got a double dose of Mail spleen out of one story. This gatecrashed party was held in a rather posh house in Brighton – a property worth £1.5 million according to the paper. I found that amusing as the rag has always had an eye on house prices.

I’m forced to ask, if your house got trashed by hundreds of twats pissed up on booze, would you be thinking how much the property was worth as you saw your Axminster having all manner of nasty stuff trampled into it? And is a trashed £1.5 million house any worse than a trashed £100 000 house? Not from the trashees’ point of view it wouldn’t be.

Story number three reveals the alarming fact that there’s now another VIRUS! This time the Koobface virus, as it’s known, targets Facebook users and tries to trick them into giving away details such as credit card numbers. FFS, it’s another virus – that’s all. It relies on people being stupid and/or careless to spread itself and wouldn’t be a problem at all if people took their brains out of neutral once in a while and took internet security seriously. It’s easy, it’s totally free and if you don’t take some simple precautions then, to my mind, you’re practically as bad as the morons who write viruses.

I’m guessing that the Mail won’t give up dragging Facebook into its stories and headlines and that if it hasn’t already it will start to blame the site for every social evil that there is.

Once again the comments on the stories are worth a quick read.

Here’s a nice one:

This just proves that the internet is pointless and evil – and that is why I NEVER use it.

If that’s proof, I just hope Daniel never has to serve on a jury…

And this comment has some interesting origins:

we should ban this site now!

Try posting something on facebook which in fact leads crashers into some sort of unpleasant trap!


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