Simply stunning

So, 30 000 UK police – not just specialist firearms officers – are to be equipped with tasers or ‘stun guns’ as they’re commonly known.

Predictably, Amnesty has criticised the move and all I can say is better 30 000 tasers used by the police than 30 000 extra guns, even though it’s a great pity that we need to do any of this.

It amused me on Radio 5* last night hearing Stephen Nolan – a phone in host – say ’50 000 VOLTS!!!!!!!’ in capital letters and with many exclamation marks when describing the weapons.

Given that our domestic UK power supply is a nominal 240 volts and can kill, perhaps he’s playing on that, but also taking advantage of his listeners’ ignorance regarding the fact that it’s the current that kills, not the voltage.

Another prime example of how the media constantly sensationalises facts and figures – whatever happened to SARS and bird flu? We were all going to die in a gross eruption of coughing, vomit and snot, hospitals were going to be packed to the rafters with the dead and the dying and society was going to collapse.

Ironic that – minus the outpouring of bodily fluids – it should be the global financial system that poses a bigger threat to world security than any virus.

I wonder how much the VAT will be on a taser?

*The BBC radio station you can’t even say shit on.


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