Trailer trash

I’ve just started watching a DVD I bought the other day – ‘The Mist’, not that it matters – and had to sit through three trailers before I could access the menu. Everytime I tried to get the menu I was told ‘Operation prohibited by disc’!

Now, I don’t mind sitting through all the legal guff, although that’s a bind, but having to sit through the trailers? I’m really bloody annoyed – it’s my disc in my DVD player and I should be allowed to watch as much of it or as little as I want.

Watch this space – I’m going to make a formal complaint.


3 Responses

  1. Yes! I also object to being told “operation prohibited” when I try to fast-forward through the copyright information. I know it’s illegal to copy this DVD, and I’m intelligent enough to retain that information until I watch the next DVD!

  2. It may be illegal to copy a DVD but there’s the answer right there. Copy it and strip out all the stuff you don’t want to be told to watch.

    Someone seems to have already suggested this:

    Nice article here, too:


    This is interesting, too.
    Making you sit through the crap at the beginning is the result of a choice by the DVD authors. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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