Something of interest

Say what you like about the BBC but sometimes its radio programs are hard to beat.

I’ve just listened to ‘From our Own Correspondent’ on Radio 4* – always an interesting listen – which kicked off with a story about how hard it is to get credit in Italy and how the Mafia has moved in to ‘help’.

I couldn’t quite catch whether it was dollars or UK pounds, but apparently the Mafia has made 60 billion (!) from business loans there in the past 12 months.

The Mafia even sets its own interest rate for business loans – it’s currently 4.5%.

Not bad, I hear you say.

Ah, but that’s 4.5% per month

And if you don’t pay up they send a couple of guys in designer suits, with matching accessories such as guns, to ‘persuade’ you.

*The BBC station you can say ‘shit’ on during the afternoon.


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