My Dream Guitar

I have plans to have a guitar made that will mean that I can prune down my collection of about 18 to a more manageable and transportable number.

My intention after this coming Christmas is to commission Paul Creedy of Arrowhead Guitars to make me a new guitar.

I’m after a Telecaster shape body – mahogany with a maple cap and contoured – with a Stratocaster neck fitted with locking tuners. Ebony board with dot markers. and a black scratchplate will set off the top and headstock nicely.

Pick up wise I want a bridge humbucker, tappable, with two single coils in the middle and neck positions. I’d like the switching options for Tele and Strat sounds, so with the humbucker I should also be able to get something approaching a Les Paul sound. I also want piezos in the bridge saddles and a blend control a la Pete Townshend.

I haven’t fully explored exactly what make of pick ups I want, but it’ll probably be Bareknuckles or Swinesheads.

As this will proably be the best and last electric that I will ever have, I want it to look good, so I want a quilted top and a nice piece of maple for the neck is also a priority.

Here’s a rough idea of how it might look:


One Response

  1. If you’re planning on having a 5-position switch, Steve, you could always add a “neck pickup on” mini-switch, so that you can add the neck pickup to any other combination. That way, you can add something like the Tele’s in-between sound, despite the Strat-style electronics layout.

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